Mindful under pressure

Things have been pretty tough recently. Starting a new business can, by turns, be harrowing, exciting, infuriating, and very very challenging. I’ve been reading about Search Engine Optimisation this morning, and if that doesn’t test one’s mindfulness then I’m not sure what would.

 It’s meant that I’ve really had to live mindfully to keep myself on track, and it’s been a huge test. Last Sunday morning I woke up, and the first thought that popped into my mind was that in the last seven days I’d earned £48. Or in other words, the same that I would have earned in a few hours when I worked in the civil service. I panicked.

 But, the magic was sparked at that moment when | noticed that | was panicking, so that instead of descending into a spiral of dispiriting chatter about how cataclysmic this was all going to be, I was able to stop and just watch what was happening without letting that story become an integral part of me.

 That is what being mindful is. Such a beautifully simple concept, and yet it appears to be almost counter-intuitive to the way our brains want to work. That is why through mindfulness meditation, and yoga, we try our best to cultivate a sense of grace under pressure.

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