Mindful social media?

I can’t seem to escape the fact that I have to use social media to promote my new business. I’ve baulked and fumed and muttered, but at the end of the day I know that to ignore social media is to undervalue the work I’m doing, and roundly place me in the curmudgeonly ‘Why-can’t-people-just-talk-to-each-rather-than-sit-staring-at-a-computer-screen-all-day’ camp. Every single person I’ve spoken to – including people who I love and respect – has said that I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, have to have a Facebook and Twitter presence.

 ‘OK Anna, no more fighting’ I said to myself, ‘I must have these things’. And so, after the most frustrasting two weeks in recent memory, I created Facebook and Twitter accounts that are now around two months old.

 And by Jove those people are right They work! I’m now Liking, Posting and Sharing like a pro, and also seem to be generating interest.

 But – and this is a moderate stroke fairly large ‘but’ – however much I might know this, and however much I can see how it establishes contact, it doesn’t stop the small war of attrition going on inside me.  Every time I sit down to post something on Facebook, or ‘tweet’ something, the mindful me notices a ‘shrink back’ reponse. To be honest, my integrity, and my mindfulness, feel a bit compromised.

 This all sounds terribly pompous doesn’t it, but those people who know me well, and/or who have come along to a mindful yoga class, will probably not be surprised by my musings. My good friend Kimba Cooper will recoil in horror if she reads this, as she has firmly instructed me not to – under any circumstances – berate Facebook on Facebook. And I’m sure she’s right, so Kimba, I’ve stopped doing that (I hope it’s OK to berate Facebook on your own website??).

 But seriously, as someone who really is trying to give people the opportunity and space to be mindful, it must be counter-intuitive to sit down in front of a glowing, whirring machine, frantically trying to reach as many people as possible with a pithy adage about how great mindful yoga is? Why don’t I get up and wander the streets of Cardiff with a big smile, a loud speaker and a sandwich board?

 Hmm, I’m getting a little het up now – clearly tired of computer stuff so I’m off to do some yoga (honestly).  But I shall continue this line of enquiry soon (after I’ve shared this first installment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ et al…..)

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