About us

The Light Gets In was set up in May 2015, with the aim of supporting people to find lasting mental and physical well-being. We do this by offering an accessible, personal and sustainable fusion of yoga and mindfulness in Cardiff, which is suitable for absolutely everyone.

We want to plug the gaps we perceive currently exist, namely:

  • providing a warm, personal support to complement formal treatments for physical and mental health conditions;
  • offering regular opportunities to meditate with others on a long-term basis and in a ‘down-to-earth’ way; and
  • supporting the development and sustainability of your mindful yoga practice.

So if any of this chimes with you, do just drop us an email and we’ll do our very best to support you in any way we can.

My journey

I found the practice of yoga nearly ten years ago, with mindfulness following on a couple of years later. I sought out both because of a fundamental realisation that I needed something else to help me through the tensions and stresses of life which most of us face. Nothing I'd found previously had worked for longer than a few months (Tai Kwon Do, running, the gym, drinking, to name a few!)

What yoga gave me was a way to slow myself down and find moments of tranquility. Mindfulness taught me how to listen to my body, integrate with it, and crucially, to be kind to myself. But I'm not finished. This is a way of life that will be with me forever.

We've all gone through tough times, where life feels like little more than an exhausting grind. The last time I had this feeling, the value of melding these two elements of my life suddenly became crystal clear, and gave me the strength to step off the treadmill - literally and metaphorically - and start doing what I really believed in. And it was on a walk one sunny afternoon that the idea for The Light Gets In suddenly came to me - now I really want to share it!